In the midst of Covid-19, the need for accurate data to understand girls’ lives and needs has never been more true than it is now. As a local implementation of the Technology Girls Ambassadors of the Girl Effect, we are delighted to share Hear Her Voice – a digital diaries
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Passion and purpose empowering young people. Periodically, we shine a light on our employees who are making a difference in our target communities. These stories of service highlight the individual efforts of our dedicated staff, what motivates them, and how the work that we do is impacting on our targets.
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Kestina showing the rice that she sells. Kestina Mhango runs a small business selling rice through which she is able to support her family. After leaving school at 20 years and having her first child at the age of 21, providing for her family is something Kestina has struggled with.
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It has been a difficult road for many when it comes to accessing computer based learning in Malawi. The struggle for many learners has been evident as many people in our city were most likely to start using computers as a learning aide when they start University. Essays were handwritten
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Students in our Improving Access to ICT program In 2018, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution that proclaims 24 January as international Education Day to celebrate the role of education in development, bridging the poverty gap and reversing inequality. This year’s focus is on ‘education as
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