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Passion and purpose empowering young people.

Periodically, we shine a light on our employees who are making a difference in our target communities. These stories of service highlight the individual efforts of our dedicated staff, what motivates them, and how the work that we do is impacting on our targets.

Peter in the field

You know the greatest thing about Centre for Youth and Development? The people, especially how incredibly diverse and extraordinary our team is.

Take Peter Mlauzi, for Instance.

He has been working with us for the past two years leading implementation of the Inspiring Young Farmers project, we are implementing in partnership with Malawi Fruits with funding from Scottish Government.

His work focuses exclusively on inspiring and motivating young people to take up farming as a sustainable livelihood.  He role specifically focuses on facilitating project planning, implementation, monitoring and to ensure that all project materials/equipment are effectively and efficiently managed.

The position is a perfect fit for Peter, a young person himself, so passionate for agriculture. He holds a Diploma in Irrigation Technology, in service training on Field crops management in smart agriculture and marketing process and years of experience in working with farmers, entrepreneurship and market linkages.

Peter enjoys working with young people. When asked what a typical day on the job might look like, he says he spends a big chunk of his time interacting with young people, visiting young people in their savings group’s and gardens.

The project is coming to an end, and we are all proud of what we have achieved and Peter has been instrumental to achieving all that. It’s been an inspiring journey.

Peter says he is inspired when he comes across someone that has been through so much and still finds the strength to push through. It amazes him how much struggle people can go through. He is fortunate enough to meet such amazing young people as part of his work every day.

We take pride in the extraordinary compassion, Peter has demonstrated in getting the project achieve the intended outcomes – creating a generation of empowered, independent and confident young farmers.

Yeah, you can see why we think he is so great.

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