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ICT for Development

The Overall goal for this pathway is to “promote innovative ICT solutions to foster social and economic development in the target areas”.  We work to provide the poor and marginalized communities with increased access to ICTs as a route to improved service provision, education, health, and promoting wealth creation.

Specifically, we implement the following priority interventions;

Connecting the unconnected: to increase the reach of the Internet in Malawi until each person has the option of choosing to be connected.

Online Safety: to promote access to ICT and internet especially to children and young people, we will work to give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to be empowered and responsible Internet users.

Research and Installation of innovative ICT Technologies: to conduct research on the power of ICT in Development, specifically by developing and installing innovative ICT technologies across our priority sectors of education, health, economic empower and agriculture.

Featured Projects on the ICT for Development Pathway

Improving Access to ICT skills

Kolibri and RACHEL