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Healthier Lives

The Overall goal for this pathway is “A society where health is secured and sustained for children, youth and women in our target areas”. We Implement an  integrated approach to tackling underlying key causes of ill health, primarily focussing our attention on Maternal and Child mortality and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) including HIV/AIDS programmes, to increase the adoption of positive health behaviours and uptake of health products and services through innovative, sustainable direct support and broad-based behavioural change and communication initiatives.

Specifically, we implement the following priority interventions;

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights: to promote positive health behaviours and practices, particularly in terms of sexual reproductive health (including HIV/AIDS) through social mobilization, advocacy, and a number of communication channels such as sport and technology.

Family Planning: to promote access to voluntary family planning services especially in rural hard to reach areas and working with others to advocate with government for implementation of family planning programming and social accountability to improve service delivery.

Maternal and child health: to promote access to ANC services and the country can make significant steps in reducing maternal and child mortality.

Featured Projects on the Healthier Lives Pathway

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