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Community Empowerment

The Overall goal for this pathway is to ” secure sustainable entrepreneurial Opportunities, Employment, civic voice and rights for Youth and Women in our target areas.

Specifically, we implement the following priority interventions;

Livelihoods: to promote food and nutrition security through promoting diversified agricultural production (crop and livestock including fish farming), irrigation farming to enable multi-season cultivation, and the consumption of diverse, nutritious foods to reduce malnutrition rates.

Enterprises: to support the development of small and medium enterprises, through improving functional and financial literacy, enhancing access to information and technology, and promoting savings through village savings & loans (VSL) schemes and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and linking them to microfinance institutions.

Empowered Voice and Civic Space: to increase youth and women leadership, decision making power, and voice at household and community levels. We want to see more youth and women participating and holding leadership positions, as this way their views and needs will be better represented and their needs are more likely to be met.

Climate Change adaptation and mitigation

Climate Change adaptation and mitigation: to increase our own organizational and community capacity to prepare, mitigate and respond to shocks and disasters.

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