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Guest Blog: All I wanted …

Our second Student from Mzuzu University is Grinwell Kachingwe. In this Guest Blog he shares his profile and his expectations while working with us.

I am Grinwell Kachingwe, a Malawian completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information and Communication Technology from Mzuzu University. Currently I am doing my last course industrial attachment, partial requirement for the aware of the degree. I am more interested in software development and computer security.

I have been attached at to the Centre for Youth and Development (CYD) to complete the industrial attachment course and it is my wish to put the skills I have acquired over the years as an ICT student into practice. It has always been my wish to put both my programming and network security skills into practice in an organization and to me this is a chance presented.

I have been with CYD for less than a week but I have learned quite a lot. I had never set up and configure computers on a LAN but in the short period I have been here I have learned that. I have also gained the experience on how to terminate ethernet cable and make cable connections. I am now able disassemble a computer, troubleshoot and reassemble. This is an assurance that I have a lot to learn during the period I will be with CYD. This is all of important benefit my career.

Shortly I will be engaged in programming and network security, my area interest. I will be working on adding Malawi Secondary School of Education syllabus to Kolibri, a specially designed digital learning platform to provide offline access to a curated and openly licensed educational content library. This resonates to my area of interested software development and computer security and the sound of that is exciting.

This is all I wanted and looked up to throughout the years at University, an opportunity to work in and put skills learned so far into practice and add value to the living standards of Malawians in one way or the other.

I look forward to achieving this at CYD.

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